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Alliance InfoGraphics/TriVergence provides information on mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic deals in technology, media, and communications markets in an innovative visual environment.

Alliance InfoGraphics is a research project of George T. Geis, Adjunct Professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Geis' research and teaching focuses on mergers, acquisitions, and other business development opportunities. For more information about Geis, see Geis bio.

Able research assistance provided by James Biskey, Debadutta Bhattacharyya, Neelima Clark, Tom Crow, Zubin Davar, John Dearing, Alok Ghandi, Reggie Hall, Kevin Hopkins, Ahreum Hong, Kyle Jansen, Apaar Kaura, Joey Lei, Kathleen McNamee. Emily Scadden, Renu Senjalia, Joshua Schachter, and Miao Wang.

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E-mail: geis@sbcglobal.net (for information about TriVergence)

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"When principles of design replicate principles of thought, the act of arranging information becomes an act in insight."
 -- Edward Tufte, Visual Explanations, 1997