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Larry Page, CEO

Business Description

Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two Stanford computer science grad students who met in 1995. They discovered a formula to rank the order of random search results by relevancy, and in 1997 they adopted the name Google to their findings. By 1999 they had raised almost $30 million in funding from private investors, venture capital firms, and Stanford University. And Google was launched.

Brin and Page hired tech industry veteran Eric Schmidt (former CTO at Sun Microsystems and former CEO of Novell) in 2001 as Google's CEO. Brin, previously the company's chairman, adopted the role of president of technology, and Page, previously CEO of Google, became president of product. Also in 2001 Google launched AdWords, its search-based advertising service. The following year the company launched another advertising service, the context-based AdSense.

In 2004, Google went public in one of the most anticipated IPOs ever, raising $1.6 billion.

In 2006 the company signed high-profile deals with News Corp.'s Fox Interactive Media and Viacom's MTV Networks. Fox selected Google as the $900 million high bidder for providing search on and other Fox properties in a multiyear search agreement. And Google will distribute MTV video (shows such as Laguna Beach and Sponge Bob Square Pants) to other sites. And even more prominently, in October Google announced the purpose of YouTube for $1.65 million in stock to enhance its own online video offerings.

Google is now attempting to move beyond its core business of paid listings. (Paid listings involves advertisers bidding as customers of Google’s Adwords product for specific keywords, with the amount they bid determining the order in which their ads appear under a sponsored links heading when a user searches using a given keyword.)


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