Google acquires Episodic (online video)

Companies in Relationship

Episodic, Google

Deal Facts

Initial Announcement Date: 4/10

Consideration: not disclosed

YouTube/Google acquired Episodic, which provides a platform for delivering online live and on-demand video. The platform enables publishers, marketers, and businesses to stream, analyze, and monetize video content to their audiences through computers, mobile devices, and IPTV devices. Episodic also offers content management and provides an ad server to let customers insert ads. The Episodic team will join Google while continuing service for existing Episodic customers. The new account sign ups are suspended. Episodic will continue its work to offer video to computers, mobile devices, and IPTV devices after joining Google. Google acquired the company from Granite Ventures, LLC and other investors.

Strategic Implications

The deal aims at boosting YouTube's analytical and monetization capabilities to enhance YouTube's competitive positioning in the online video market.

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