Google acquires BumpTop (3D user interface)

Companies in Relationship

BumpTop, Google

Deal Facts

Initial Announcement Date: 4/10

Consideration: $25-35 million in cash (Source: TechCrunch)

Google acquired Bump Technologies, a company specializing in 3D desktop computer software. Bump technologies enables users to turn a Windows and Mac style desktops into a 3D interface in which files, photos, and documents can be stacked and sorted similar to folders and books on a physical desktop. It also provides OEMs and third party developers with a multi-touch and 3D rendering framework to enhance the interactivity and productivity of applications.

Strategic Implications

Google can utilize Bump Technologies to develop a 3D interface for its smartphones and possible tablet to enable multi-touch as well as to offer a unique interface experience with a 3D desktop.

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