Google acquires SocialDeck (mobile gaming)

Companies in Relationship

Google, SocialDeck

Deal Facts

Initial Announcement Date: 8/10

Consideration: not disclosed

Google Inc. has bought social games start-up SocialDeck Inc., a gaming company that has developed titles for Facebook, as well as Apple's iPhone and Research In Motion's BlackBerry. Google acquired SocialDeck from JLA Ventures, RBC Venture Partners and The Blackberry Partners Fund. Google reportedly has been in discussions with game developers (including Playdom, Playfish and Zynga) to offer their games on a new service Goggle is planning.

Strategic Implications

This deal continues a string of acquisitions that supports Google's intent to build a social-networking service that competes with Facebook. Within the past month, Google has purchased Angstro (business information discovery and sharing services) and Slide (a social networking widgets maker).


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