Google acquires Next New Networks (web video production)

Companies in Relationship

Google, Next New Networks

Deal Facts

Initial Announcement Date: 3/11

Consideration: <$50 million (Source: New York Times)

Google/YouTube acquires Next New Networks, a provider of original, episodic series programming for the Internet. The company helps video creators with advertising and distribution of shows to various Web sites.

Strategic Implications

Next New Networks was one of the early efforts into curating professional quality online content that would be attractive to advertisers. All Next New Network affiliated content was screened before distribution, setting it apart from the user-generated content dominating YouTube at that time.

The Next New Networks acquisition represents one of Google’s first attempts to cultivate and package high quality online content. At the same time that Google announced the Next New Networks acquisition, they also announced the YouTube Next initiative. This was a “new team tasked with supercharging creator development and accelerating partner growth and success.”


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