Google acquires Songza (music streaming based on activity)

Companies in Relationship

Google, Songza

Deal Facts

Initial Announcement Date: 7/14

Consideration: $15 million (initial estimate by New York Post; final valuation may be higher)

Google acquires Songza, a music streaming service that develops Android and iOS apps for delivering human-curated music stations based on individual mood and activity. The company has built data and algorithms that predict what users will enjoy listening to given geography, time of day, weather, or current activity -- from sleep to sex.

Strategic Implications

Google plans to use Songza’s expertise in other products like Google Play Music and YouTube and stated: "We view the Songza acquisition as a way to further enhance our radio feature by adding their expertise on context."

The acquisition reflects the music platform wars that have heated up among Google and competitors that include Amazon and Apple.

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