Google acquires Timful (personal digital assistant)

Companies in Relationship

Google, Timeful

Deal Facts

Initial Announcement Date: 5/15

Consideration: not disclosed

Google acquires Timeful, the developer of an app for Apple’s iOS that uses machine learning and behavioral economics to customize a user's digital calendar. The company's service analyzes a digital calendar and provides support for the user in meeting future goals.

Timeful has co-founders are Dan Ariely, Yoav Shoham and Jacob Bank. Ariely is a behavioral economist who has written for The Wall Street Journal. Timeful employees will join the Google Apps group, headed by product executive Clay Bavor. The application will into be integrated into Gmail, Inbox, Calendar and Google Docs.

Strategic Implications

The Timeful deal supports Google's initiative to continually improve personal digital assistance as illustrated by the Google Now application.

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