Twitter acquires Whetlab (machine learning)

Companies in Relationship

Twitter, Whetlab

Deal Facts

Initial Announcement Date: 6/15

Consideration: not disclosed

Twitter acquires Whetlab, which develops technologies for machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that utilizes algorithms to detect patterns in big data and to make recommendations and predictions.

Whetlab's team, including Ryan Adams, Hugo Larochelle, Jasper Snoek, Kevin Swersky, and Alex Wiltschko will join Twitter and will accelerate accelerating Twitter’s implantation of machine learning.

Strategic Implications

Possible uses of Whetlab technology by Twitter include: 1) improving a user's tweet timeline; 2) enhancing the company's ability to target ads; 3) data licensing.

While Google has information about user's search and Facebook has information about what people are doing, Twitter's cache of data is distinctive in capturing what "influencers" are thinking. Whetlab could help Twitter pattern such data into trends that are of high value to both consumers and businesses.

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