History of Apple's ecosystem in digital music

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History of Apple Legend
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Market Overview

Apple has taken the digital music market by storm with its seamless integration of its iPod music player with its ITunes music store. In addition, Apple has assembled an ecosystem of partners to supports its music offerings (see above). Apple's iPod has set the standard for MP3 music players and enjoys a 70% market share in the United States, selling some 32 million iPods in 2005, approaching the sale of 100 iPods/minute. However, given estimates that in 2005 the global market for MP3 players surpassed 140 million units, Apple's worldwide share is less than 25%. Apple's iTunes has been praised for its "mild-mannered" approach to Digital Rights Management (DRM), striking a balance between the rights of content owners and the rights of consumers. Estimates are that Apple earns about a dime for a 99 cent download and pays about 65 cents for licensing rights to the song. (Apple's distribution costs are about 25 cents.)
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